Mobile E-commerce User Experience

There are many usability guidelines and principles for desktop e-commerce websites, mobile is not a widely covered area and it is growing very fast. The main challenge in mobile e-commerce is that the user in generally on the go and in a rush; therefore, attention and connectivity vary through the shopping process. In desktop sites, […]

Increase Mobile User Experience

On mobile, the highest impact on a page load time is the latency of connection. This is the time it takes to receive a response from the server. For mobile, the average latency is 10 times higher than an average broadband connection. This takes around 4.5 seconds of the total load time just for the […]

Mobile website or Mobile app?

According to recent study by comScore only two retailers have success with mobile app usage. Companies with a loyal client base get the most benefits from dedicated app. For other companies, a mobile website makes more sense. Another study by Google Think Insights also confirms that users prefer optimised mobile websites than apps.